Heart (Kokoro / ToriporutaP Translation)

Original song: ココロ by トリポルタP A lonely scientist created a robot It was nothing short of being miraculous But something was missing – The only thing the robot didn’t have Was a program named Heart Hundreds of years passed It continued on, alone Until finally the miraculous robot Questioned “I want to know what he worked on Up … Continue reading Heart (Kokoro / ToriporutaP Translation)


Creating an Automatic Chromecast Button

Source code on Github Background Good old summer time. I’m back at home and my grandma is visiting too. Problem is, she doesn’t speak English but wants to watch Chinese news while she’s here at home. Ok. But we don’t have satellite television, so the only option is to watch it on Youtube. Fine. But … Continue reading Creating an Automatic Chromecast Button

[July 2017] Setting up Lua / MicroPython for the NodeMCU ESP8266

While hopping on the NodeMCU bandwagon, I couldn't find any good, up to date guides on setting up the Lua environment on these little chips. If you're reading this, I'll assume you already know how neat these little things are and that you're just here to get started. I successfully got this working on my … Continue reading [July 2017] Setting up Lua / MicroPython for the NodeMCU ESP8266